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What is Metatron Hospital bioresonance?


Although the name is not very popular yet, it is worth emphasizing that it is one of the most innovative achievements of recent years. It is a bioresonance diagnostic, carried out using a first-class medical device that allows you to scan the entire body. Thanks to this modern method, we are able to determine the primary focus of the disease, pathological changes occurring in the body and choose the most effective therapeutic or prophylactic methods. Metatron Hospital will show the main causes of diseases, e.g. the presence of pathogens, ongoing pathological processes in tissues, abnormalities at the cellular, mitochondrial and genetic level.

How does Metatron Hospital bioresonance work?

Thanks to specialized diagnostic equipment, we can look at your organs and organs “from the inside”, and on the basis of the printout obtained from the computer, we can conduct a thorough analysis of your body’s condition. The bioresonance analysis carried out at the Studio Sante Therapy Center allows you to check the earliest symptoms of diseases. Early diagnosis and detection, still at the preclinical stage, makes it possible to counteract the processes taking place in the body faster. It also allows for the proper targeting of therapy, and thus, increasing their effectiveness. This is the main difference between modern bioresonance diagnostics and other methods, such as ultrasound, X-ray or computed tomography, which can only detect advanced disease processes.

Who can benefit from bioresonance in Warsaw?

Thanks to the Metatron analysis, we will carry out an in-depth diagnosis of your body in about 45 minutes. You can choose a shorter or longer version of the consultation – in total you will spend 1.5 or 2.5 hours with the therapist. The examination is simple, painless and convenient, as it is performed in one place in Warsaw. You don’t have to commit additional time and additional budget. Bioresonance analysis is completely non-invasive. Who should use it?

  • Busy people, like you, who do not have time to perform a lot of preventive examinations,
  • People who would like to carefully assess the condition of their body, including the musculoskeletal system (spine, bones, muscles and other soft tissues) and internal organs,
  • Sick people who would like to assess the effects and results of currently used therapies,
  • People who would like to know the cause of their malaise,
  • Patients who have failed to detect the causes of their ill health and well-being using traditional methods.

Thanks to this new method, we are able to check whether, for example, the food products that you currently use in your diet are suitable for you. The device generates a list of recommended and non-recommended products.

Where in Warsaw to perform Metatron diagnostics?

We invite you to take advantage of bioresonance at the Studio Sante Therapy Center, located in Warsaw, ul. Jagiellońska 5a. Thanks to an innovative method, our specialists can now thoroughly check your entire body and answer your questions. Make an appointment for bioresonance in Warsaw today!

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